Bringing Hollywood right into your living room has never been easier than with today’s home theater technology. Consumers have a myriad of choices in high quality big screen technology and heart-throbbing surround sound. Add HDMI technology to the mix for easy signal transmission and image display. Kramer’s HDMI signal management and scaling products simplify connectivity and ensure that fixed resolution screens receive only the highest quality signals to display.Home Theater/Cinema

  • Home Theater or Home Cinema has new meaning in today’s marketplace. No longer a costly luxury available only to a select few, home theater technology has advanced to offer both stunning quality and an affordable price. The dawn of HDTV brings with it more widespread availability of LCD and Plasma flat screen televisions and low cost universal remote controls. A truly exceptional audio visual experience can be part of any family room, without the need for a dedicated theater. Kramer products refine that experience with simple solutions that make the A/V system the best it can be.
  • Yachts and BoatsThe impact of a great audio visual experience can go almost anywhere with space-saving flat screen technology and satellite television delivery. The yacht and boat market is growing in A/V installations and Kramer products fit right in those close quarters.

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